By Eva Rykrsmith on January 14, 2013 2 Comments

The term innovation can seem intimidating. In fact, you might even have a mental block about it. ‘It’s what big companies with unlimited resources do…’ or ‘…It’s what small agile companies without bureaucracy do…’ or ‘it’s what senior executives do.’ Not me, not us. It can even seem scary or risky. What if the idea [...]

By Eva Rykrsmith on January 7, 2013 One Comment

Many times when you need to remember something you can write things down on a piece of paper or on sticky note. You can use one of the dozens of note-taking apps that exist for your phone or you can opt to leave a voice memo. You might even set alarms with notes to go [...]

By Eva Rykrsmith on January 2, 2013 One Comment

Some jobs come with a role description and the duties you perform do not change much from day to day. In such a position, you know exactly what is expected of you and what to do in order to do well. However, most jobs are a bit more ambiguous and the path to success a [...]

By Eva Rykrsmith on December 26, 2012 No Comment

Reader question: “Do you have any tips for concentration or productivity in the office? I seem to get sucked into checking blogs, wanting to sleep, texting friends, thinking about coffee breaks, etc. When I do have a deadline, I am able to meet it, but it’s not because I work ahead – more like I rush until the end. The work my company does is very meaningful, but I just stopped caring recently and don’t know what to do.”

By Eva Rykrsmith on December 21, 2012 No Comment

A corporate restructuring is often a stressful time. Many uncertainties exist for an undetermined period of time. Will you be demoted or laid off? Who is going to be your boss? Will the projects you are working on be cut? This can be nerve-wracking. How things work out is usually beyond your control but you [...]

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Reader question: “I’m a manager in a small department and have to get approval of flexible schedules for staff from my Boss. Boss wants everyone to be at work during normal business hours, doesn’t like flexible schedules, and sees all requests as the same (trying to get out of work). Boss tends to overreact whenever I bring up the topic and gets into the issue of “not trusting the employee to really work and not goof off.” Any suggestions or advice on how I can approach the subject and try to get Boss to logically consider these requests?”

By Eva Rykrsmith on December 17, 2012 No Comment

The end of a calendar year is a typical time when many people, including myself, experience burnout. An extended time working without a vacation, the stress of deadlines that go along with bringing the old year to a close, coupled with the busyness of the holiday season is more than enough to put us over [...]

By Eva Rykrsmith on December 12, 2012 One Comment

Reader question: “Recently, a new colleague has joined my team. We have to work very closely together as a team to deliver on goals, but whenever there is a brainstorming session on she never fails to say, “I don’t know,” and I end up being the one coming up with all the ideas. I tried bringing this up with my boss, and she said I’ll have to iron this matter out with my new colleague. Is there is a way of politely telling my new colleague that she can’t always give an “I don’t know” answer and needs to pitch in and do her part?”

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